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Projects in detail......

Clifton Penthouse



Nearly every internal wall, every pipe, every cable - it all had to go. A shame in a way as this 60's built apartment had certainly seen much better days - the penthouse, sat on top of a rare low-rise block and afforded incredible views in all directions - reasonably, the architect who built the block kept the best bit for himself.

Whist my client was keen to see stylistic references to the original fit out, sadly, very little was genuinely salvageable. Some strong references were used and a few pieces of fitted Sapele furniture sneaked back in to the final fit - a drawer cabinet re-used under a desk, some pull-outs in wardrobes.

I came to this project, with an outline plan and various permissions in place - my job? - to tweak, reconfigure, flesh out, detail, finalise, schedule and manage. Bespoke solutions required in every aspect.

Considering the risks and expense of working 6 storeys up, it was important to have every twist and turn detailed prior to commencing the job - luckily, I don't really understand how anyone starts anything without having it all worked out. Flexibility, sure, but a solid plan is required.

The fixed limitations of the space and it's original use, lent themselves to building with storage and fitted furniture in mind - a place for everything, and everything in it's place. Given the most incredible qualities of this apartment lay in the view and the light - to reflect where possible was, to me, obvious; to let in the light and play with it. Fresh finishes, mirrors, continuity and brave material choices.

For me, this project represents a highly successful collaboration; uniquely parading the virtues of clear but creative communication between an experienced, capable client and a practical design professional, trusted with the freedom to produce results.


"With my own experience in property and architect’s plans in place, I had a design ‘ready to go’ when I engaged Matt to oversee this comprehensive project for me. In addition to delivering what was, logistically, an extremely challenging project, Matt added hugely to the quality of design, not just in detail, but in the overall layout, thoughtfully reviewed with me in advance. Matt's time paid for itself by result several times over"

Ben Dossett

Family Kitchen



More often than not, it's clients who provide the answers to their own questions - it's my job to help them see, filter, conclude - they've already got the information I require. This project in a Bristol Victorian terrace, certainly comes in to that category. My client was certain she wanted a huge table - that nothing else was as important. In order to get what she wanted, there may have to be an extension. But...the family love their garden, and use the side return often - not to mention the expense of a full extension.

This simple, linear kitchen, with a small utility extension and a vast built-in larder came up trumps. An existing pier provided natural punctuation to the kitchen, and opportunity to demarcate with a change in styling, material and colour. Commendable courage led to a disproportionate percentage of the budget being spent on the sumptuous glazed brick "slips" - a defining feature in the overall scheme.

Glazed acces to the extension, and a new glazed door to the side return, actually helped bring light and space -  not only is there now that huge table, there's also enough room for all the diners to mill, wildly gesticulate, even dance if they like.......

Family Kitchen

“Matt has transformed our family kitchen into an incredibly stylish but hugely practical space.  With real passion, a fantastic eye for detail and no small amount of humour, he was always conscious of our budget and hugely responsive. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.” 

Kathie Auton

Georgian Re-route



This historic Georgian gem badly needed help in order to flow to suit modern living. A now irrelevant passage stood in the way of a pretty big kitchen linking to a very big dining space.

Honestly, my clients had the makings of a brilliant idea, but the devil's in the detail (and somewhere near the bottom of the over-stretched pocket).

Understandably reluctunt to replace an entire maple kitchen, we looked for ways to give them the storage and surfaces they needed, without mimicking a kitchen that wasn't their choice and would one day be replaced. Referencing the maple kitchen in the worktop of a modern island, with Birch ply in a wall-mounted drinks cabinet, and for shelving in a new built-in larder, all helped to marry the differing styles.

Clean, simple panelling paid homage to the existing finery, without trying to compete with it - there's a considerable difference between careful respect, and clumsy pastiche. Keeping the cost of this down without compromising the overall quality was no mean feat.

Pleasing simplicity. Colour, texture, style without great expense.


Georgian Re-route

“A tight budget to achieve fundamental change meant we only expected to get physical alterations done, and perhaps in a rather mundane way. When Matt became involved, we realised we could do much better, without spending much more. Careful use of materials and colour transformed what could have been dull, into something elegant; beautifully balancing the old with the new. We are thrilled.”

Peter & Ben


Matt has designed the most spectacular flat, bringing light and space to a dull warren of a basement. All my friends are pretty envious. I was recently housebound for 2 weeks - what a lovely place to be stuck.

Catherine Jones

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