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What I do

I'm Matt  -  I'm an experienced

designer with ideas and opinions.......

I’m straightforward, but I aim to bring an individual and human response,

whatever the task. I don’t drive a fancy car, hire a secretary, or work

from a fantasy building - I keep it simple and affordable; I charge by the

hour - I'd be happy to tell you more about how I work when we speak.

In the meantime, here’s what I do…………



Refurbishments, extensions, new rooms - My very favourite thing is placing and moving walls and doors; altering the way that spaces work, the way they’re perceived, helping people change the way they live. Good interior architecture really can enhance lives.

When looking at room spaces, I’m always considering storage – wardrobes make great walls, instead of being cumbersome promontories.

If something just has to stick out into a room (like a beam or pillar), I want to utilise it, give it visual context and purpose, let it be the beginning or end of something. Failing that, I want to just let it stand raw, honest and proud.

If there's natural light available, I want to use it - I often use mirrors to throw light around and to exaggerate space.

I’m not a structural engineer, but my years in and around the construction industry help me to suggest the practicable as well as the creative.


"Matt has designed beautiful spaces in two homes for us now, with flair and attention to detail. Thoroughly exploring exactly what we wanted to achieve, and ensuring delivery, all with an indispensable combination of practicality and imagination"

Kate Dunn



Modern, traditonal, industrial, shabby chic - they all require space-planning, a knowledge of

proportion and detailing, an affinity with materials and colour.

I’m happy to specialise and bring my specific know-how to a broader project. Often working alongside other designers, builders, architects, I’m called upon for a kitchen layout, product knowledge, material choices and advice on sourcing.

Being paid for my time allows me to give impartial aid and share my resources and trade contacts - it's rare that I can't find competitive prices, but I'm happy to design using mainstream (Swedish maybe?) product but bringing innovative, bespoke touches that feel expensive.

There are so many more routes to designing and buying a kitchen other than high street retailers and showrooms; after all, why buy advice from someone looking to sell you product? There’s a saying in the kitchen industry – “just get boxes on walls” – furniture being where all the profit is. You can make your own mind up who you want to ask for guidance.

 “Matt and I have worked on projects together for many years - I have no hesitation introducing him to my clients - it was obvious that I would ask for his help with my own kitchen.”

Sally Watson – Rowley Moir Design

Brief Encounters

Brief Encounters

I often get asked to put flesh on the bones of Architect’s plans – sometimes these drawings were only intended for planning or technical purposes, not really telling clients what they feel they need to know, or bringing the flair to push a project on.

Similarly, I offer opinions and advice on kitchen layouts and designs, even if you’re happy with the product or shop you have chosen.

House hunting and selling are a part of life, it’s a pleasure to make these difficult tasks easier with creativity and pragmatism. If you're buying, let me have a look at the potential. If you're selling, I can help you get the very best price.

"2 days of Matt’s time turned my basic architects plans into something I could get excited about. In only one site meeting with the builder, he asked questions, made suggestions and prompted decisions I simply couldn’t have achieved on my own."

Carole Pugh

Furniture & Joinery



It's hard to forget my first love. Working for both domestic and trade clients, I design and manage the manufacture and installation of fitted furniture. This might mean a run of bedroom storage or a wall of living room cabinets.


Sometimes these are built on site by clients' own builders, often I'll produce detailed drawings and specifications for workshop production.

Regardless, it's all about the overall effect (or lack of it) - often, all an area of floor to ceiling storage needs to do, is act as such.... and well - it's impact entirely in it's functional success and it's visual subtlety. Of course, there are occasions where material, shape, scale need to shout or (preferably) sing with proud projection.

I'm happy when I can utilise or amend "off the shelf" product - I'm a 'good design' snob - not a

'look how much was spent' poseur.

Furniture & Joinery

"Letting Matt scratch his head for a bit, is far more effective than the costly mistakes that can come from my guys doing it on site for days on end. Matt understands what my client needs, and exactly what my carpenters need to be able to make it."

Robert Crook - Pebble Design & Build


Make Contact

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I'm not keen on forms - Drop me a line with your details and anything else you feel necessary. I'll get back to you ASAP - first step is always to give both of us a chance to see if we're a good fit. I'm open minded about location - I've recently worked on projects in Cornwall, Devon, Spain and France, but the majority of my work is in and around Bristol.

Hopefully, we can arrange to talk soon.      


“Matt has created an exciting, contemporary space in our loft. Patient and sympathetic to our ideas; he firmly steered us novice clients onward to the wonderful family environment we now enjoy. He was an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Jim Green

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